Reports are personalized and fully customizable.

Air Checks:

An air check obtains a segment from a broadcast or cable media outlet's programming for analysis. Most TV or Radio stations in the US can be air checked. We cover nearly all of the 210 Nielsen DMAs in the country. Fees for air checks are based on the length of the segment required for analysis by the client, and can be provided on VHS, DVD, or Digital formats. (For further information or to schedule an air check contact OAA)

Network Clutter Report: (ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX)

The Clutter Report provides an in depth analysis of how much time each network spends on programming, network commercials, local breaks, network promotion, and public service announcements. This report provides research on the top 4 networks during prime time broadcasts 365 days per year. Published weekly, the report details the amount of non programming time each of the top 4 networks spent the previous week. A detailed log of each network program is available. Combined with air checks, the Clutter Report provides an invaluable tool for marketing, compliance, and media buying.

Infomercial Tracking and Compliance:

OAA can research compliance for infomercial programming on many cable providers (MSOs) across the US. The Tracking and Compliance Report answers questions about the media outlet’s performance in delivering your content to it’s intended audiences. Are the cable providers doing what they are contractually obligated to do in small markets? Are they running the scheduled programs with the correct 800 numbers? Are they taking more than their allotted time in the breaks? Are they running your programming on schedule or at all? OAA can provide a comprehensive report to answer all these questions.

Affiliate Station Compliance Report:

The Affiliate Station Compliance Report compares your network logs with a logged air check to answer questions about your Affiliates and their contractual obligations to your network. Are they running the scheduled promos and network commercials? Are they doing local lower third graphics during network programming when they should not? Are they clipping the credits and going early to their local news? OAA can help you find out! OAA can research and report on almost any station in almost any market. Detailed comprehensive reports can be provided to determine what a specific station is doing during prime time or any day part.

News Monitoring:

On-Air Audit can provide concise and detailed news intelligence from markets throughout the US. Television and radio news is researched and stored in a data base that can be searched by key word on any topic. Comprehensive reports are generated and emailed to subscription clients twice every weekday. Reports include a summary of the clip which included the key word, the ability to preview that clip, and detailed information about audience viewership and ad values. Reports can be purchased on an annual basis or as a one-time specific project. OAA provides media intelligence and analysis to help a client know their competition!

Network Digital Insertions/Web References:

OAA can track and provide verification of digital insertions or web references from almost any network (broadcast or cable).

Internet, Television, Radio, Validation Services,

On-Air Audit works closely with our clients to design reports that address their specific needs. The goal is to send clients a report that is immediately useful. When you want changes or find other questions you need answered, On-Air Audit can respond very quickly. Data reliability and accuracy make On-Air Audit an important part of your team effort.


On-Air Audit, Inc. adheres to the strictest codes of client confidentiality. Data or client information is never shared with others. Each project is specialized and securely sent only to the requesting client.

Rate Information & Quotes:

On-Air Audit does not have a standard rate-sheet. Typically each job is so unique it requires its own quote. On-Air Audit pledges to work within budgets and find ways to make the reported data cost effective. Please call or contact On-Air Audit for a comprehensive price quote.