On-Air Audit, Inc. specializes in on-air promotion and ad placement research.

On-Air Audit has helped networks, syndicators and agencies answer questions about what and how things are airing on television since 1989. On-Air Audit can help you find out what is happening on the broadcast networks or on any television station in the country. Qualitative research is the strength. On-Air Audit can answer the easy questions like “Did our spots air?” but it can also go beyond that and tell you when it aired, how long it was, what aired next to it, if it was localized, and if it was clipped or compressed. Whatever questions you have about something airing on broadcast television, nationally or locally, On-Air Audit can answer them.

Reasons clients use On-Air Audit for more in-depth research:

  • Find out if a station is fulfilling their promotion agreements before contract renewal.

  • Learn if the under-performing stations are allocating adequate on-air support.

  • See what your competition is doing before you plan your own promotion strategy.

  • Verify that your programs are airing in their entirety, without clipped credits, compression or covered “next” promos and national ads.

  • See if your ad schedule aired as you requested or see what your competitors are buying.
Internet, Television, Radio, Validation Services,

On-Air Audit can acquire data in most U.S. markets.

On-Air Audit has a database of monitors in over 180 cities. At your request, almost any station in the country can be recorded for analysis. The recordings are produced for research purposes only and you can have access to them on that basis. Moreover, On-Air Audit records primetime on the major broadcast networks on a daily basis with a variety of reports available.

Accurate, qualitative information is On-Air Audit’s strength.

On-Air Audit records the station or network you request either digitally or on video tape, and has people with real television experience watch the recordings and log the data. This allows On-Air Audit to produce highly accurate reports. On-Air Audit can tell you if a spot ran in a local break or a network break and can verify program segment lengths to be sure a show was not compressed or clipped. Creative issues can also be addressed such as logo usage, tag verbiage, or to verify which version of creative was used.